How to register for the competition

The first step is to register for the competition by entering your personal data at the following page:

You will receive a confirmation message at the email address indicated duringĀ  the registration.

You must then register your models, accessing the following page:

On the same page, once the desired models have been loaded, the model receipt must be printed by clicking on the dedicated button.

From the receipts, you can cut out the labels and then stick them on the bases of the relative models, an operation to be carried out before the delivery at the VMS2019 staff desks.

It is also mandatory to show the model registration receipt to the VMS2019 staff both during the delivery phase and during the model final retrieving phase.

For each addition, modification, or deletion of models, it is necessary to reprint the registration receipt, and eventually replace the labels already affixed.

For any trouble during the registration, please send an email to .